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I approached Global Visions International, GVI, because my personal values match the values GVI has. I know from personal past experience from volunteering with GVI that it's an amazing organization that is genially helping the world with a variety of projects. Global Visions International inspired me with all the care to detail and extreme attention each project receives. Both the staff and volunteer crews have such passion for everything, it's infectious. After my volunteer trip to Mexico I felt ecstatic about perusing my love for animal welfare. The result from my short volunteer experience with GVI and Coco's Animal Welfare clinic has been life changing. It was incredible to be apart of such a helpful organization in Play del Carmen I felt like a community member - even-though I didn't speak Spanish. I also re-lit my flame for volunteering, it's so empowering to be able to help others from just the goodness of your heart. The thing I liked most about GVI was the house. After being at the clinic for hours it was so refreshing to "go home". So even-though I was thousands of miles away from my actual home I never felt homesick. I would recommend Global Visions International to everyone. There are so many projects world wide, there really is a project for everyone. The staff are always for friendly and helpful, it's never intimidating to ask questions