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I cannot speak highly enough when it comes to GVI; without babbling on too much I was the epitome of a girly girl who rarely got her hands dirty, so when I revealed to my friends and family I was planning on volunteering on a remote island for two months, to say their reaction was surprised is an understatement. I'd put a lot time into researching any volunteering ideas I had beforehand, and I when it came to GVI I found every review to be bursting with positivity, and after reading comments and posts from GVI volunteers and staff the inspiration and enthusiasm was infectious! And my decision was made, which lead to me having the most amazing two months of my life, which I have every one at GVI to thank for. Especially the Seychelles staff - Dan, Alan and Cheryl who so effortlessly make sure every volunteer comes away with the fondest of memories! Working in The Seychelles is truly paradise, and although I took thousands of pictures none of them can quite capture how beautiful and unspoiled it really is. Aside from the idyllic beaches and island setting, I was initially drawn to variety within this program, mornings could be spent hiking to the top of the island, in search of the endemic Seychellois palm tree - Coco de Mer, and by the afternoon you could be hip deep in mud wading through the mangroves, spotting giant tortoises along the way! Curieuse brings you as close to nature as anyone could wish, I was lucky enough to be on the island for nesting season, this would involve early starts looking for tracks on the beach as well as excavating old nests. Excavating nests is certainly a messy job but one I found most rewarding, there are often stragglers stuck beneath rocks or roots who have been unable to leave the nest, but being able to release these hatchlings onto the sand and watch them charge their way to the sea is truly magical, and certainly is my best video on the GoPro to date! I enjoyed my time SO much on Curieuse I returned less than a year later to relive my volunteering experience all over again, the island never ceases to amaze me and every day feels like you’re on a Planet Earth documentary! But my GVI journey didn’t stop there, I now work for GVI in the Cape Town office, assisting volunteers who just like me wanted to embark on an adventure.