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For my first time being out of the country, the GVI Thailand Under 18 Program gave me one of the most amazing experiences of my life, it is something I will never forget. Right when I landed at the airport the GVI advisers were one of the first people I saw because they were in the very front of the exit waiting for us to arrive, it was a sense of security that I would not have to stress about finding someone while I am in a foreign country. My advisers, Max and Cristy were without a doubt the best people we could have throughout the experience. There was only 10 of us for that session which was small but we all got very close. When we started the volunteer work, our project for the few days was to move a set of bushes from the front of the Burmese school to the front of the entrance. It was a little more difficult than we anticipated but we worked with some students and made it happen. It was a lot of moving heavy things and it was very humid, but I would not have traded it for anything else, it helped build our character to work with the students and with each other. Our second volunteer experience was at the Turtle Conservation and it was by far the most unique experience. We learned a lot about the turtles, helped clean their infections and clean their tanks. It helped me develop a more gentle characteristic because of how delicate they were, especially the sicker turtles. Our second week into the trip we were moving constantly throughout different parts in Thailand so we stayed in a different place every night. At one of the hotels, I had a little accident because of clumsiness and a little bit of stupidity. As I was running on the porch I misunderstood whether or not the glass door was open, in my defense it was very clean and it seemed open. While I was running towards the room I tripped and ran straight into the door. My whole body smacked into the door. When I had time to examine myself for injuries I realized my lip was bleeding, my eyes were bruised because I injured my nose, my head was pounding and I saw my knees were bruised as well. The next morning at breakfast Cristy came up and saw that I looked like I got hit by a bus and automatically raised concern, which made me feel taken care of and I knew I was in good hands. They kept asking whether or not I wanted to go to the doctor but I refused because no way would I miss out on anything, I asked for ice and they constantly checked on me and took care of me. I will definitely continue with GVI because of the great experience I had and the great volunteer work done. Not only did we do good work but we experienced so much of Thailand and experienced so much of the culture and gained a new respect or foreign culture.