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I wanted to volunteer with GVI because I have always had a passion for conservation and marine animals and want to study marine biology at university next year. The best part of the project was meeting so many like-minded people and finding and learning about the difference that we’ve made, and I especially enjoyed seeing my first hatchling make it to the sea even though it was so late in the day. The GVI staff and Archelon volunteers were so friendly and inspired me to do similar things as them once I’ve finished university. They made the project far more enjoyable as they were always so supportive and encouraging in everything that we did. Throughout the course of the project I have learnt so much more about conservation and the environment and it has helped confirm my aspirations and hopes for the future, and it has also opened my mind to many more opportunities after university. I feel the work done with GVI has made a huge difference as we have learnt about how numbers have drastically changed since the turtles have been protected and how the numbers of hatchlings that survive to adulthood is so small that every nest protected can be a huge impact. I would tell anyone thinking of joining next year to definitely take the opportunity if its available as it has been an incredible experience for me and has helped me gain a better perspective of how I want to spend my time once I’ve finished school and I’ve made so many friends along the way. I would like to thank the GVI team and Archelon for giving me such an amazing experience and being so supportive throughout the project and making it so much fun whilst helping to make a difference.