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I wanted to do the volunteer project in Greece as I have always wanted to work with animals and study them, and have an interest in marine biology and zoology. The best part of the project for me were the turtles themselves, watching a female turtle laying her eggs on the beach for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences, along with watching hatchlings travel down the beach, whilst helping them make sure they get to the sea, my favourite moment was watching the first hatchling I saw on morning survey reach the sea after having shaded and creating a channel for them to follow down to sea. The GVI staff and Archelon volunteers were amazing, and so inspiring and made the project so much more enjoyable and fun with loads of different activities and presentations teaching us about turtles and how they have got to where they are right now. I have learnt so much from being in Greece, not only about turtles but about future possibilities and careers, and about myself as a person, and that how one person can make a difference on their own as well as part of a team. Being part of the GVI and Archelon team I feel I have a made a difference, from protecting nests so that more eggs and hatchlings survive and helping out with the hatchlings making sure they make it to the sea. To anyone that is considering joining next year I would say take the plunge and do it, I have had the most amazing and fulfilling time during the 2 weeks that I have been in Greece, changing the way I look at life for the better, I have met the most amazing people and made friends for life all while helping an endangered species! I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone, all the GVI staff, Archelon and all my fellow volunteers for making my time in Greece the best 2 weeks I could have possibly asked for.