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My time with GVI was fantastic. I had originally planned to do the conservation project for 2 months, but towards the end of this time I wasn’t ready to leave. I asked to extend for another month, and was delighted when the staff informed me that I could stay! When I first arrived I wasn’t able to dive, the instructor at our base took me from complete novice to an advanced open water diver in 5 days! During the first few weeks we would go out diving at least 3 times a day learning what we would be surveying and the surveying methods. We progressed onto surveying the fish, corals and benthic species as well as teaching the new volunteers that came to base what to look out for. Helping to set up marine protected areas and to see how much this meant to the Fijians that we were working with has really inspired me to go back. The staff on base were amazing and welcoming if you had any problems they would instantly try and help you out. Making friends with them, the other volunteers and the Fijians from the local community and nearby resort will be something I will remember forever. I hope to return at some point and do the Dive Master Internship, which a number of my friends are doing at the moment