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My name is Alex Santiago. I am the Bio-diversity intern for the Thailand Elephant Re-introduction Program. My main focus on the project is to identify and research the species living in Huay Pakoot. In this position my main roles include; leading bio-diversity hikes with volunteers documenting all species found, identifying species on all hikes, collecting and analyzing all data; as well as small individual projects I set myself. I find the bio-diversity project to be extremely important and exciting due to Northern Thailand mountain forests being under researched and undocumented. There is constant potential to discover new species, as well as find tracks and signs for known endangered species (such as the tiger or pangolin). In this role I have gained a much stronger skill set in relation to leadership and identification; also my knowledge of the forest ecosystem has increased with confidence. I have found this project well structured, allowing me freedom to work on existing projects (such as a Huay Pakoot animal field guide) or create my own. So far it has been an incredible experience and has cemented my aspirations to work in this field.