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My name is Adam and I am 16, I originally came to volunteer in South Africa because I wanted to experience teaching and widen my views. Initially I believed that Africa was a far more impoverished place than it actually was and that crime rates and danger were far higher than I initially believed, however as the trip progressed I was able to fully witness the beauty of South Africa and came to realise the narrow mindedness of my beliefs, the children always laughing and smiling at the school, each day excited to learn and taking each opportunity with gusto. It was through these experiences that I learned the real story of Africa and the lives of the people in the townships. The trip itself was amazing and widened my views far wider than I had expected and I was faced with a refreshing standpoint on life in Africa. We in the group were also lucky enough to enjoy national women’s day at Nomzamo Park, which was an inspirational event that truly empowered the community and was a fun activity for the whole day. Truly, this was a wonderful trip.