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Discover tropical beaches, cycle along magical forest trails on the banks of the Tonle Sap lake, explore the history of Hinduism and Buddhism in Southern Asia and practice the art of getting lost in the massive otherworldly splendor of Angkor Wat, all while working on education, women’s empowerment and community development volunteer programs in the capital of Cambodia.

You could also take a river boat into the Tonle Sap Biosphere reserve where you could discover undocumented butterfly species and unearth the secret scent of Cambodia, emanating from its national flower, the rumduol, a type of magnolia native to the region. You could also visit the fishermen and women of the floating villages on the lake and say hello the traditional way, similar to a namaste it is a greeting from the heart.


Cambodia has made massive strides in the past two decades in eradicating poverty levels throughout their county. GVI volunteer opportunities in Cambodia are designed to help Cambodia continue this trend of growth. We’ll be working in the southern region, providing support to primary and secondary students, working with women empowerment organisations to assist with gender inequality initiatives and lending a hand wherever our help is requested.



GVI volunteers who have selected Cambodia as their country of destination, will be stationed in the Phnom Penh region. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and hosts part of both the giant Tonle Sap lake and the mighty Mekong river within its borders. Highlights of complexes like the Wat Phom are the intricate murals and sculptures, including several jewel-encrusted Buddhas. The Phnom Penh region features a unique combination of Theravada Buddhist and colonial French architecture much like the neighbouring country of Laos.

Cultural activities in these locations include Khmer language lessons, Cambodian cooking classes and a visit to the local theatres for an Apsara dance performance. Venture onto the street markets to taste an exotic collection of fruits, and, if you’re brave, try some of Cambodia’s famous fried


Our travel and volunteer programs in Cambodia are designed to help college undergraduates make a difference while being fully immersed in the local Cambodian culture. Travellers can choose to teach children, volunteer with women or complete a short term, three month, community development internship.

Volunteering is frequently undervalued by new graduates and many do not add these experiences to their resume. This is a mistake as many hiring managers say that mentioning community service projects was a deciding factor in selecting a specific candidate. Volunteering helps you prove that you’re helpful, that you truly care and that you are passionate about cause. In short, it shows that you’re someone any company would love to have on their team.

Learning to cope in a foreign country is always something that will add to your CV (and your life story). During your time in Cambodia learn to communicate effectively with persons of all ages, different levels of education and a completely different culture. You’ll also learn to be adaptable and resilient. But, the most important thing you’ll gain is a sense of relatedness to a greater global community, specifically with friends and personal connections in Cambodia.

If you’re excited to make an impact on the community in Cambodia, be sure to check out our volunteer projects kicking off in southern Cambodia in 2018. Request to join our either teaching, gender equality or community development program, depending on your individual interests.



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We are launching our programs in Cambodia in 2018. In the meantime, take a look at some inspiring videos from our other volunteer projects in Asia!


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