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Gender inequality

For every dollar the average man earns, the average woman earns 54 cents, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). In addition, socio-economic factors prevent women from accessing essential services such as healthcare and legal representation.

Businesses, governments, schools and other institutions must implement policies that remove the barriers to women accessing these services. In addition, women should be assisted in taking advantage of new opportunities.

We assist women with gaining access to higher paid and more secure employment through education and training programs. We also contribute to local public health efforts focused on issues that are of concern to local women. In some locations, we also facilitate gender norm discussions with local communities, including men and boys.

Currently, we don’t focus specifically on gendered issues affecting men or people who identify as trans, nonbinary or other genders. However, we’re always prototyping new programs.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Professional development in Nepal with local women and SASANE, Samrakshak Samuha Nepal, a woman-led, anti-trafficking organisation 

  • Business skills workshops in Thailand in collaboration with local women 

  • Maternal health workshops in collaboration with the Fiji Ministry of Health

  • English for business workshops in collaboration with local women in Costa Rica

  • Computer skills workshops in Peru in collaboration with local women

  • Preventative healthcare skills workshops in Ghana in collaboration with local women


women received educational support or assistance in skills training in 2018


women were trained in the foundational skills of leadership in 2018


women were supported in setting up micro-enterprise initiatives in 2018

Where you can contribute

Travel to Costa Rica to teach English to children and support community development initiatives.
Join teens from around the world on this high-impact Costa Rican adventure.
Contribute to preserving the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world
Gain work experience in community development in the Peruvian context.
Support the local community members of Oxapampa to achieve their individual goals and those of their community.