Who would have thought you could fit so much into a week...

By 4 years ago
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For us at the Community, child & healthcare project in Playa del Carmen, we have been busy, busy, busy.
The week started off with our volunteers helping our cuddly partners Coco’s Cat Rescue give the kitty home a face lift. Among other volunteers, we helped paint 2 houses in no less than 3 hours!

We then had the march down on

5th avenue

with what seemed to be all the kids of Playa del Carmen. GVI volunteers were helping only with the kids from the Ludotecas, we’re proud to say we didn’t lose one amongst the crowds of tourists, kids and parents on our 14 block march.

Then we had the special needs Halloween party where we dressed up, played games, ate food and watched cartoons. In between all that was us prying the children away from the new toys that were donated by one of our volunteers, just so they would participate in the activities.

Then we had an excursion with the kids from the Ludoteca to Xcaret, a big theme park to celebrate Day of the Dead. We were lucky enough to be apart of (well, to tag along with the kids) some cultural activities and shows that included pirates and dancing.

We said goodbye to our last volunteer, and hello to a new one.

Finally, volunteers participated in the PGA training meeting to prepare us for the big tournament. As first timers, we’re all a little nervous that we’ll stuff it up somehow – like kicking the golf ball or something… but we’re determined to be there and besides, who can resist the power that comes with controlling the ‘silencio’ paddles!