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Week 4 in Punta Gruesa-ship wreck, pic nic lunch,

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This week was strongly marked by the weather. Since last Wednesday we have had only one chance to dive, Friday. Then the wind picked up again and we were forced to stay ashore. Because of the strong surf our staff decided to take us 17 km north to a ship wreck on Monday where we could snorkel around. The ship wreck sitting in the shallow was little more than a skeleton of what was probably a small fishing vessel stranded here some years ago. But what an amazing site, what a diversity in corals and fish. We spent some time snorkeling, had a picnic lunch and then the acrobatic activities started. Somersaults and impressive dives were presented. Eventually we had to return “ home”.
On Tuesday no change of weather was to be expected before the weekend and there was mutual understanding that we should change our day off to Wednesday in order to be able to dive on Friday and Saturday, as the weather was expected to be better.
It turned out to be a very good decision. Wednesday morning the wind was howling, the waves looked pretty big out there and the palapa was covered by a layer of sand. Actually, everything was covered in sand, even our beds!
So now we are hoping again for the wind to drop. Unusual weather….
This week our work with the community started. On Tuesday Mandy, Luke and Kerstin went into Mahahual with Ari to give their first English lesson. Well, no one showed up in the first set lesson. But in the second set lesson on Tuesday we had four eager English students. Two of them were taught the basics including pronuncitation by Ari, the other two learnt grammar and new words, hopefully useful to them when working.
After feeling a bit uneasy in the beginning the three “ teachers” started to enjoy their teaching and are looking forward to their return.