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By 5 years ago
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Written by: Andrea Rohrer – Quepos Community Project Volunteer
Between teaching, painting, playing and laying on the beach…

I can not believe, that I’ve already been here for four weeks. Time passed so fast and I met so many amazing people! After an intensive week of Spanish lessons I started to teach adults in English. One of my students comes every day to learn as fast as possible even if it’s hard for her. Besides the adults I also work with a 14 year old boy who has difficulties in learning. He is a really nice guy and appreciates our help! 

Last week we repainted the outside wall of our community center. It was hard work but at the same time a lot of fun. One of the volunteers came up with the idea that we could repaint one of the rooms and paint a tree, a beach and the ocean. The room looks awesome and the kids love it.
Next to these activities we play with the kids, we help them with homework, we read or we just have a little chat with them. All of them are really lovely and I enjoy every minute I can spent with them!


After school we go home to prepare the lessons for the next day or we go to the beach to relax and watch the beautiful sunset. On the weekends we do excursions, go out to meet new people, lay around on the beach and plan our new week.

I love the evenings when everybody is in the house to talk about the day, other things,  or when we are just having fun. I’m really happy that I chose this program and I look forward to the next few weeks!