Volunteer Voice - Arts, English and early starts!

By 5 years ago
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Written by Sara Pedros y Salvador – GVI Quepos Community Project Volunteer
After just one week in Costa Rica I’ve come to realise how fast the time goes by here even though we get up already at six o’clock every morning. When first arriving here I was worried about getting up so early for school and didn’t think I could manage it, however it is so light here and so warm already at six that it doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would, which is a relief.
School and meeting the kids didn’t properly happen until the beginning of my second week, as the week before the children were mostly away for Easter holiday. So, I spent my days helping with the construction of the school by painting walls as well as working to improve the school logo, which turned out very nicely. Now that the kids are back I’ve been asked to take over some adult English lessons as well as possibly help out in classes at the school. Even though it’s something new to me I feel really good about teaching as I feel that I’m doing something which really helps the other person and is worthwhile. I came here with the specific goal to help others and I feel great that I can do that here as it is something I really love. I look forward to working hard in the projects and I hope I will be a very positive addition to the program.
Meeting new people especially the other volunteers in the house has also been a really positive experience. In such a short time you already feel like you’ve known most people for much longer and I really look forward to meeting the new volunteers who are arriving next week. Hopefully with them I can continue working well in the projects as well as having a lot of fun in general in Costa Rica.