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Céline’s first week in Mombasa

I left the Reef hotel in Mombasawith staff member Lisanne and arrived at the volunteer house in the morning. Everyone was still asleep having gone out the night before. I was nervous at first going into a house with seven people who all know each other, but they were all very welcoming. 

Céline helping student Dita
After three days of heavy rain, on Wednesday Olives rehabilitation center could finally reopen after the holiday s. I was very happy when school finally started; since I arrived on Saturday at the volunteer house, it was raining almost the whole time which meant I didn’t get to leave. We prepared our lessons for Tuesday but because of the heavy rain the school was flooded and it was not possible to get there. 
Madam Céline and Mister Steve in the classroom
My first day at Olives was just amazing. Tom, the education officer, introduced the new volunteers to each class. In the different classes the children sang for us, welcomed us and made us smile. For me it was very emotional, I had not even spent a week in Mombasaand seeing the slum, the kids and the school… everything was exciting. 

Céline reading with some of her standard 5 students
After being introduced, me and Steve, another volunteer, had our first English lesson with standard 5. We introduced ourselves again and we asked the kids to say their names. Afterwards we read a story from the textbook and the kids had to answer some questions. In the afternoon we had one lesson: creative arts. We wanted the kids to write their names, and for each letter of their name they had to draw an animal. I was surprised to see that there are many good drawers in the class. Steve and I liked some of the drawings so much that we stuck our favourites on the wall in our room. 

The wall of fame
It seems like ages ago since I arrived and I really like our class, I’m sure we will have a good 3 months together. I’m looking forward to everything that will come.

By volunteer Céline Ziegler