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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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This is Africa! A land of beauty, hardship and triumph!

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town
This my fourth time in South Africa since living here as a child and every time I come back I learn something new.
I’ve only been here two weeks working at the Nceduluntu Nursery, a short time, however a great one! As a person in the military I often have a very hard exterior, one which has been melted by the children’s smiles and laughter. The aim of this blog is not to write about what I have done, but what I have learnt. Africa gets under your skin – whether it is the beautiful people or the burning hot African sun. For me, it is the strength and determination to overcome the challenges that I find inspirational. Something we all could take back with us. I still feel tension in this land, difficulties and hardship. An issue we cannot address as an individual or a small team, but we can help. Education is the key! Fuel the next generation with education, not to change their way of life, but to enhance it. Every little bit helps!
A point I will take home and use when I come across a challenge is remember:

This is Africa, smile in the face of hardship and challenges.  Change will happen, we will not be chances, but enhanced!
Charlie Morse – Nceduluntu Volunteer