The sun, the moon and the cows...

By 5 years ago
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I saw the sunrise over the beach here in Jalova last week, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The sun’s rays reflected off of the waves like tiny fragments of a broken mirror. Soft reds, pinks, oranges and golden yellows illuminated the clouds around the perfectly round circle that was the sun whilst the light hit the tree-line and turned it into jet black, palm-shaped silhouettes against the sky.  

 The sun rising over the sea.

The beach is my favourite place to relax during my free time. It´s great when any one of the fantastic staff or the other wonderful volunteers join me on the beach for a paddle in the refreshing sea, or for a game of volley ball on the court we constructed out of bamboo in order to host a volley ball tournament (only when the cows haven´t invaded the court though).

The cows invading the volleyball court.

The beach doesn’t become any less beautiful at night time. There was a full moon a few nights ago and I decided that the sunrise now had competition for the most beautiful sight in Costa Rica. Here the moon hangs low in the sky and shines so bright that you can still see clearly as it illuminates everything. Moonbeams reflect off of the water like glitter and on a clear night you can see so many stars that it would take you years to count them all. In fact, if it is really clear out, you can just about see something that looks like a whispy, silvery cloud in the sky that is as long as the horizon, but it is actually the edge of our solar system. 

The beautifully bright full moon.

Looking out to a sight like that, it made me wonder: What on earth will I get the chance to see tomorrow?

-Katie, 1 month volunteer