The Reef World of Mpunguti

By Peter Nderitu - National Scholar 5 years ago
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Snorkeling is something that everyone would love to do when he/she has a chance to do so. My first snorkeling experience was at the Kisite Mpunguti marine park, which is located in South coast of Kenya. Of all the snorkeling I have done, I had only one that was my favourite and that is transect 12 located behind upper Mpunguti.

It was spectacular for me to have such an experience of the marine life.

It was so diverse, with numerous different coral species; of which saw at least 7-10 of. The corals were in good condition and well preserved and that led to various species of fish.

The various fish species which I saw consisted of the following: the powder blue surgeon fish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, two bar anemone fish and also huge sea urchins which you would not wish for a sting from them to spoil your wonderful time with the fish.

It was a short time, but it was an experience of a lifetime that would make you see how important marine life is to us and how beautiful it is to see its ecosystem un-interfered with by human activities. It was wonderful to see a part of the reef world of Mpunguti!

Peter Nderitu – National Scholar