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The Mombasa Show.

By 5 years ago
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The Mombasa Show.

Finally Friday morning was here. The highly anticipated event the kids had been repetitively questioning. “Madam, who is going to the show, when, how, what?” So it was now that all their questions were answered.  Mr Mutunga the head teacher, the extremely excited gardener Carlos and volunteers accompanied them.


The show happens every year and is one of Mombasa main events. The best
way to describe it is, a show case of Kenya even the president visits every year.


Although the kids faces remained calm I could tell that behind these masks they were overjoyed with excitement and curiosity.  The show reminded me of a fair with lots of stalls promoting and advertising their products.. There were hundreds of tents and stalls, most of the government departments had a stand showing how they have evolved over the years. One of the main attractions that the children loved was the “culture tent “displaying all the different traditional artifacts tribes make for varying celebrations and lifestyles. The students also got to sample “western” games such as video arcades and basketball games.



 The Children were delighted. It was weird seeing these games in an African setting and the volunteers seem to love that the children could experience a normal part of their world. There was also (not so politically correct) “freak show” featuring “The shortest women in the world” a “Mermaid” and a “floating head” (a man under a table with his head sticking out). , I really enjoyed watching the kid’s minds tick.
So after a long day we all headed back to school with smiles and ice-cream.

Students from Precious plus Madam Leigh and Carlos 

By Leigh Purdie