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The Mayan Wilderness Challenge- Back and alive!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

A few weeks before starting the Challenge I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish as I haven’t been in good shape for the last years. I, however, try to train every day in order to be up to the level!  I can only say the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day was undescribable, specially the last day when we were tyred and had the wind against us all the time!

I must say the challenge was not only the kayaking and cycling in Sian Ka’an, no!! Raising funds was also challenging but we did pretty good for our first one! Here you can see how everybody did and is still doing as we continue raising funds




The challenge touched us also before starting when we had to postpone it due to Storm Rina. Then, we had four members ill who regardless they were determined to do it, they took proper measures and finished it!

Another challenge before the actual one was sleeping in a flooded tent when it rained so bad the night before that at 4am we had to move out. All of it made the 30 kms cycling in a road full of holes which mostly were lagoons, look like nothing! On the contrary it was a lot of fun! It didn’t feel like a challenge until the night when you could feel the legs and bottom pain.

The 5 hour kayak on the second day was hard but enjoyable through the Channels, The last day was the hardest with the wind against us, it felt like you were not advancing but as happens in life you just keet paddling and all of a sudden you have reached your goal! We even had our own turtle release when we found a lost marine baby turtle on our way. The feeling of team work, and accomplishment will last forever in our hearts. At least in mine!