The Local Buses

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Getting to project in the mornings can be done in different ways. Some walk, some take the school bus. I myself go by local bus. The local bus can be quite an experience and I must admit I was surprised on my first ride. I might have expected the bus to be just as crowded as it was, with people hanging on the outside, but my expectations did certainly not contain a goat in the back seat. My favourite part of the story though is the argument that arose about how much the goat should pay for his transportation. 

Anyhow, the local buses are usually very busy and as you stand anywhere on the street hoping for the right bus to come along (since they don’t have neither bus stops or time tables) your biggest wish is to get a seat. I don’t crave a seat as urgently as my fellow volunteer, who at over 180 cm literally doesn’t fit in the buses, and therefore needs to spend a good thirty minutes crouching. However, I can almost promise that your journey with the local bus, whether it is crowded with people or goats, is going to be out of the ordinary.

Volunteer Hanna