The best thing I've seen in Jalova is...

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We’ve said goodbye to another fabulous group of volunteers, and this month before they left,  we asked to write about the best things they’ve seen here in Jalova.

The best thing I’ve seen in Jalova is…

‘Being charged by a wild, vicious Agouti!’ –Ian, 6 month intern

The ‘wild vicious Agouti in question

‘Seeing the kitchen covered in army ants eating every other insect in sight’ –Jamison, 2 month volunteer

‘The Opossum hidden under a box of tea’ Charlie, field staff

‘A Green parrot snake feeding on a Mexican tree frog which was at least five times the size of its mouth!’ –Rob, 6 month intern

‘The smiles of every living being around me’ – Munib, 3 month volunteer

‘Two Jaguars playing…’ (A photo of, sadly not in the flesh!)- Sharon, 1 month volunteer

The two jaguars playing, caught by one of our camera traps.

‘The smiles on the staff members’ faces when I can I.D. a species’ – Joel, 2 month volunteer

‘My last night walk into the swamp to see tons of frogs!’ –Michelle, 1 month volunteer

‘All the stars and the full moon while sitting on the beach at night’- Elsa, 3 month volunteer

‘The three shooting stars I saw on the first night here OR the Northern Tamandua falling from a tree!’ –Heather 6 month intern
‘A White-nosed Coati climbing down a tree next to me’ Sorrel, 6 month intern