Teaching English to kids and adults of Punta Allen, an amazing way to make the difference!

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Voice from the field,  Jun 19, 2013 – Pez Maya

Every week a few of our volunteers head off to Punta Allen to teach English in the local primary and secondary schools as well as helping some of the local adults improve their English. This week the kindergarden children enjoyed colouring in drawings our volunteers drew to help them learn simple nouns. We didn’t realise how well they’d go down with them as they were demanding for more! The secondary school kids focused on occupations, and learning how to explain what they would like to do after they leave school. The adults worked on simple conversations in English which would come in handy when they were visited by tourists who came to see their little fishing village with all of its charm. After a busy morning, the volunteers went to the local restaurant to have the famously delicious empanadas served at Lucy’s! They were even kind enough to order some to bring back to base for the hungry staff members who quickly scoffed them up!