Teaching beginners computer classes in Mahandakini

By Peter Ndritu - National Scholar 5 years ago
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For the last week I’ve been working out in the small rural community of Mahandakini.  One of the tasks I was responsible for was planning and teaching computer classes to members of the Mahandakini Network for Animal Welfare and Rights community group.  I only had two days to teach group members as much about computers in the simplest way possible. I started by designing a complete beginners tutorial which was a lot easier with the help of two other volunteers.  Computer skills are essential to improve employment opportunities and in Mahandakini in particular, they hope to improve employment opportunities for the youth  to prevent them from returning to illegal poaching activities.  Furthermore, the group could generate income by offering computer classes for local community members.

The most interesting thing about leading the classes was how the students were so willing to learn and were so keen in the lessons.  All my students were amazing in their first classes.  They grasped everything I taught them in such a short time.  I managed to teach them the basics of computers including what a computer is, how to turn it on an off, how to use a mouse and how to open and close files.  What amazed me is that the students were so willing to learn, even coming back for extra classes in the evening to learn more in the short time we spent in the community.

I will be glad for the knowledge they have taken from me so long as they will pass this knowledge on to other community members.  We live in an ever growing technological world where computer classes are vital for everyone.   I hope that my students will pass on their knowledge and help the Mahadakini community increase their employment opportunities.

Peter Ndritu – NSP