Teaching at Olives

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My Experience at Olive Rehabilitation Centre teaching Standard 4

Having travell\ed many places before, I’ve never been as nervous as I was going to Kenya. My nerves were instantly settled the moment I met the rest of the volunteers of whom I was about to spend the next two weeks with! It was almost as if we became an instant family.

Francis with fellow volunteers  enjoying lunch in a local village cafe
As amazing as the rest of the volunteers were, I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to meet such inspiring people as those being the teachers and especially children at Olives Rehabilitation Centre!

My first lesson that I planned for the children was alphabetical order. The satisfaction that I felt after explaining to the children the way I put words into alphabetical order, then hearing them whispering the alphabet to themselves the way that I had just shown them moments ago was indescribable!

Francis with fellow teaching partner Maddie and Standard 4

I also taught the children creative arts however the best times were taking the children to the field for P.E. The girls would skip and the boys would play soccer! The way the children respect and care for one another would set an incredible standard for children across the world to look up to. 

One on one reading was also a fantastic experience and something that I looked forward to each day. It gave me the opportunity to interact and get to know the children better and more personally, thus understanding why this project is so important in order to assist with giving the children a better future!

Volunteer Francis enjoying playtime with his students
One of my most memorable experiences was a day when I was walking in Bombolulu after school had finished, some of the children from my class had spotted me from afar! “Sir! Sir!” at the top of their lungs they would yell and come sprinting from a distance just to say hello even though I’d spent most of the day in class with them. This made me happier than I’ve ever been before as at that moment I thought perhaps the children liked having me around just as much as I liked being there!
My one regret is only spending two weeks at Olives! I wish I could still be experiencing the most amazing time of my life.

By volunteer Francis Morello.