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Take the next road on the left...

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

The theme up at Grade R for the past week was “I discover my town”, a theme that our community teacher Grace decided. So what were we supposed to teach the children? It was such a big theme, so many things you want to cover. We decided to focus on the township we were working in, Nomzamo.
So for the past week the volunteers together with the children have been building a little village out of garbage. Making roads, decorating houses and putting up fences around their garden kept the children entertained for a long time. They talked about the different buildings that were placed around the area. Churches, supermarkets and the clinic soon had their own little spot in the village.
The goal was to make the children aware of their town and what you can find if you have a look around, something that the new volunteers Tom and Andrea succeeded well with. The next step is to make cars and people to put out in the village so that they can pretend to walk between the hairdressers’ colourful containers and the Grade-R buildings.
Tilda Christensson – Nceduluntu coordinator.