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Swimming Lessons a success

By Cheryl Martin 3 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Swimming lessons have become a regular part of our programme for the boys from the Boys Home. We have a session every second week. The mini bus collects the boys after school. The group always head off to the pool with great excitement.  Our volunteers meet them all there, usually just as excited!

We have divided the boys into three groups based on their ages and developmental needs.  We have established learning objectives for each of the groups.  For example some of the skills for the young group include: water entry, bubble blowing, floating, kicking, and underwater exploration. The skills for each boy are listed on a spread sheet and this helps us define the goals for each lesson and to keep a record of their progress.

Our volunteers each work one on one with one of the boys. They work towards the specified skills. One of the highlights of recent sessions was that our intern took on the task of leading the volunteers to ensure they were clear about the learning goals they were working on for each of the boys. This was a particularly successful day, not only for the intern who successfully completed her team leading tasks but also for the boys who all achieved the skills they were striving for on that day.

Whilst we have a focused lesson for each of the boys, we always end the sessions with some fun and games in the water.  This is also an important time for the volunteers to model and reinforce pool safety in a less structured situation.

The lessons have been going for two months and we have been pleased to see that each of the boys have achieved at least one new skill each session, we have observed improved confidence in the pool and noticed the responsible way each of the boys have approached their lessons. In all a successful programme made possible by volunteers being able to provide one on one support.