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Standard 3 take a trip to Nyali Cinemax!

By 5 years ago
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Standard 3 take a trip to Nyali Cinemax!

Last week was Mr Tek’s final week of teaching Standard 3 at Precious Vision Care Centre.  As a special treat to his kids he promised to take them to Cinemax before he went home to Australia  to see Finding Nemo – in 3D!!!The trip was arranged for Mr Tek’s final Friday afternoon and everybody was extremely excited!  We tried to explain the concept of a 3D movie to them beforehand but it was too confusing for them to comprehend, they were totally perplexed by the idea of things appearing to come at them from the screen.
Mister Tek with Standard 3
The much-anticipated day had arrived; the matatus were ready, the children were dressed smartly and the tickets were booked!  Very un-Africa-like, the matatus arrived early and Standard 3 reached the cinema a whole 45 minutes before the movie started.  Not to worry though, the GVI volunteers were on hand to make frequent toilet trips to pass some time.  The main highlights being the soap dispenser and the hand driers!As the children were waiting outside a Kenyan man walked past the cinema and started talking to them about their school and where they were from, when they told him that they were from a slum nearby he promptly went inside and ordered a tub of popcorn and a soda for each child!  Could their day get any better?
So, armed with their soda, popcorn and 3D glasses they found their seats and made themselves comfortable for the movie!  Some of the glasses were a bit big for the kids’ faces, and some didn’t understand that the picture would be fuzzy without them, but we got there in the end.


The kids loved Dory, the fish with short-term memory loss, (as did Mr Griffins, their class teacher)!  At some points the girl next to me actually jumped back in her seat as she thought the characters were going to come out of the screen at her.
Mr Griffens and volunteers


At the end of the movie the kids piled out into the waiting matatus, still clasping their empty popcorn tubs and plastic cups (they informed me that they were taking them home to show to their friends and family and were going to play with them later).  It was a great afternoon out for Standard 3, thanks Mr Tek for making it happen.

Volunteer Natasha Richardson