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Spirit of South Africa

By Oliver Boyse 3 years ago
Categories Limpopo

If people were to have told me that I would be enjoying South Africa this much I would have told them that they were wrong. However, it turns out I am wrong. Against a mountainous back drop, Karongwe Game Reserve is what many people would class as paradise. Stunning views and wildlife encounters that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You learn pretty quickly to keep your camera handy so that you don’t miss a moment of wildlife interaction. I’ve come to realise that the spirit of South Africa is one that makes you smile.


Obviously when I arrived I was very apprehensive. You’re arriving in a foreign country where you know nobody apart from through email or facebook. After all the safety briefings (this is the bush after all), you go on drive. As a boy from London, of which the wildest thing there is a fox, it was just totally different. Having so much wildlife on your doorstep is exhilarating. What is also cool is the different predators we’ve seen! Seeing a female cheetah catching and playing with a baby impala, which I just happened to get on video, was amazing. (I appear to use amazing a lot. It is an amazing place after all). Everyone bonds over the wildlife (you are there for it so a few sightings and you are friends for life!!).

Sometimes it’s hard to put things into words (a bit like now really) so I’ll try not to babble when I mean this is an incredible place with many incredible people and long may this adventure continue!!