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Special Guest: Emily Penn

By 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Tovuto Base’s most recent special guest talk was given by Emily Penn, Director of Pangea Exploration. Pangea Exploration arranges voyages to the far corners of the worlds oceans on board the Sea Dragon a racing yatcht kitted out for remote ocean research. Emily, who crewed on board the eco-powerboat, Earthrace, along with Fiji Country Director, Dan on journey from Brighton UK to New Zealand on a route spanning 2 oceans, 20,000 nautical miles and almost a year – has been very busy. Upon completion of this epic voyage – Emily went on to work with remote pacific communities, study plastic pollution, arrange massive beach cleanup efforts, and was recently named Yatcht Master of the Year by the RYA. Over the past 3 years, Emily has coordinated various epic ocean going adventures with Pangea Exploration and seen some of the most remote corners of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. During voyages to the 5 gyres of the ocean, Emily helped coordinate and conduct research into the great pacific garbage patches – a huge swirling collection of plastics and garbage the size of texas!

After visiting Dan in Nadi, Emily was kind enough to head up to the base to deliver a lecture on her experiences with the ocean and plastic pollution. She also visited Ratu Meli School and showed the children photos depicting the sheer scale of plastic pollution in the Pacific.

It was brilliant for all the staff and volunteers on base to be able to meet Emily and hear about her adventures with the ocean and what she has learnt from the unique experiences and access she has had. Thanks Emily!