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Smile – The thing I will remember and keep in my heart forever

By Petra Schellenberg 2 years ago
Categories Quepos

Sparkling eyes

Once, on our way to Damas school, a little boy sat on his mom’s knees and looked at us with his brown, sleepy eyes. Rowan and I started to smile at him, rolling our eyes and making funny faces. His tired, shy look turned into the biggest smile. He switched between giggling and hiding his face on his mother’s chest. His sparkling eyes and his joy improved our moods, lasting long after we had to leave the bus.



Petra assisting one of our students during the Damas Easter Camp



During the week Petra has spent most of her time in the schools or planning for classes, to be able to spend the weekends enjoying the many different activities possible here in Costa Rica.



11127408_10152882971048892_567121498_o (1)

During an arts workshop in Cocal we made tires into planters to be used for plants.


a coloured paper-egg

I have so many similar memories. A boy at Roncador school, too young to join our “Jump Start” class, but sitting at a table nearby and listening eagerly to our conversation, showed me the cutest smile in the world every time I looked at him. The excited faces of our students in Damas when they came to greet us before classes. The proud expressions when their answers were correct or they earned a participation point. The thankful nod of the siblings or parents when they picked up the students after class. The unexpected, overwhelming joy of a little brother of a participant of the “Campamento de Semana Santa” when I gave him a colored paper-egg after our easter-egg-hunt… I could keep going for so many more…



One of our Damas students making a colorful mask

These are the moments that made it so worthwhile to be in Costa Rica, volunteering for GVI. I will never forget!

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