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Six Weeks Not Enough Time

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town
Sixth week and almost finished, time just can’t go slow enough. It’s always strange thinking about that person all those weeks ago, anxious but excited – terrified of meeting the children I’ve grown to love and the staff and volunteers who’ve made me feel more at home than I could’ve wished for.
It’s been wonderful to see how much a person, not just myself, can grow and evolve in just six weeks physically and mentally. Examples: Athule’s glorious food belly versus Namhla’s ability to write freehand (she wrote “apple”….proudest moment of my life!)

Even in the four weeks that Cecilia and Felicia were here it was incredible to see how quickly these kids learn, adapt and let their personalities flow. Each child here in South Africa has a unique personality and a ‘never-again-will-I-be-seen-on-the-dancefloor-rhythm’. They are amazing. Six weeks isn’t long enough!
Kelsey Beezhold – Ikhayalethemba Volunteer