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Shark Cage Diving

By Emily 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Whilst I was home in the UK I was researching the hundreds of exciting activities I could do around Cape Town while I was there for the Child Care project.  There are endless possibilities! When I originally found out shark cage diving was an option my first thought was, “No way!” But once I found myself in South Africa and my mindset has changed, “Why Not?”

My self and a fellow volunteer got picked up from Gordon’s Bay and went to Gonsbaai to dive with the great White sharks.  It was such an incredible experience!  I’m so glad I made the decision to do it! They are majestic under the water and when they occasionally hit the cage, it shakes so much that you are quickly reminded how strong these incredible sea creatures are.  We had the perfect day for it and when the crew started putting the line out, made up of fish heads and other tasty morsels the sharks gathered.  It was an amazing trip and still now, looking at the photos, I have to remind myself, I was really there face to face with a Great White!

This was the first of my incredible thrill seeking weekend activities in Cape Town.