Searching for Wilson

By Fiona Cummings 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

So I’m now into my 3rd week with GVI and what an adventure I’m having. Obviously I’m learning how to do fish surveys and I’ve now got my Advanced Open Water but some of my highlights have been:
Seeing dolphins and a shark on one dive. Visiting Bird Island, which takes 40 minutes to get to by plane and as you land on the grass runway, the view of the island and the reef is amazing! Last weekend a group of us took the ferry over to La Digue looking for Wilson…as this is where the movie Castaway was filmed. We hired bikes and cycled around the island stopping off for a quick swim along the way. I’m now into my final week on camp for 2014 as I’m coming back for another month in January and hopefully if the weather is good this week, we’ll be able to do our fancy dress marathon snorkel raising money for the PV Children’s Home, join in on a Christmas lunch with the PV children, and fingers crossed for a 6 am dive on our last day…