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Science Classes at Olives

By 6 years ago
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A science lesson at Olives

If you cast your mind back to science classes when you were at school, you probably conjure up the same images that I do – lab coats, bunsen burners and a grumpy middle aged teacher with over-sized glasses. Fast forward to 2011 to science classes at Olives Rehabilitation Centre in Bombolulu, Mombasa, and things look a little different. The fancy equipment is replaced by a blackboard, some chalk, about 15 textbooks for over 40 children and the teacher is you! Thus begins the challenging yet fun and rewarding task for GVI volunteers on the Mombasa teaching project.

Marley’s class at Olives

Students in Standard Four are currently studying animals so, as a class, we embarked on a short field trip into the village to investigate animals in our envirnoment and report our observations like real scientists. The students loved the opportunity to see science in their own neighbourhood and enjoyed drawing and describing the diffferent characteristics of the animals they saw.

Children from Standard 4 sharing their science text book

Students in Standard Three and Five have also been getting a hands on approach to science with their inventive GVI volunteer teachers. Standard Three planted their own seedlings to observe growth in plants and Standard Five have been making all kinds of musical sounds in their investigation of sound as a form of energy.

Even if you have no background in science or in teaching, all it takes is a little creativity for things to jump off the pageand into real life. All you need to bring along is your imagination!