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Who runs the world...girls!

By GVI Cape Town Staff 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Women’s empowerment is an ever-expanding project at GVI Cape Town. We’ve made such an amazing start this term with our grade 6 workshops, where the girls stay an hour after school by choice, to learn about confidence, self awareness and communication. All of which will prove vital as they go on to tackle the wide world ahead of them. We’re always so impressed with what they come up with. In the journal they’ve each been writing in each day, we have seen testimonies that they feel ‘brave, strong and true’ when helping their families at home and ‘powerful and happy’ after a good solid days work at school. These girls are hugely strong already and these workshops are purely facilitating the development and growth of that strength.

With some of the older women in the community, we’ve started basic computer skills workshops. The excitement and sudden understanding that you can see dawning on their faces when they learn how to work a mouse, and eventually to write their names and full sentences is nothing short of incredible to be a part of.

There are many more developments to come in our Women’s Empowerment program, but so far, we are off to a sensational start!

Watch this space…