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Precious Home Grown Tomatoes for Lunch !!

By 5 years ago
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Precious Home Grown Tomatoes for Lunch !!

Since the GVI volunteers planted the tomato seeds in April this year, the greenhouse income generating project for Precious Vision Care Centre has been going from strength to strength.

 Lunch of Mchicha and Ugali.


Precious now making a small but regular income from the sale of the tomatoes. One of our main buyers has become a popular volunteer haunt called Café Mocha.  They are keen to purchase as many tomatoes from us as possible to help promote the self-sufficiency of Precious.


Irene (Cook at Precious)

This week a new buyer cropped up, in the form of the school itself!  So today the children of Precious enjoyed a lunch of mchicha and ugali.  Mchicha is a Kenyan dish made with spinach and, of course, the famous tomato.  The children were ecstatic when the GVI volunteers told them that they would be eating their own Precious-grown tomatoes for lunch.

Children enjoying lunch