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Postponing Rangi Changi

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Unfortunately we have had to postpone our Rangi Changi event due to not reaching our fundraising target.  We will hopefully hold the event in the new year and continue to fundraise for the much needed medical visits to our 2 daycare projects that take in over 70 children.  If you would like to contribute the link is: www.justgiving.com/teams/GVI-Rangi-Changi-Nepal
As our volunteers had worked so hard and were excited over the event we felt they should still be able to partake in a small part of the scheduled challenge.  On thursday night we were dropped part way up Mt. Sarangkot and hiked (or climbed) the rest of the way to the top.
We finally made our destination and were greeted by the friendly staff at Bhanjyang Hotel.  This gorgeous hotel has only been in operation for the last 7 months and has been built in the traditional Nepali housing style.

We sat around a small fire and had a sing along (thanks to Sean and Julia) while we waited for our Dhal Bhaat dinner to be cooked.  After a wonderful dinner we turned in for the night as we new we had an early start the next morning.

At 5.45am on Friday morning the hotel was alive with the sound of alarm clocks.  Those that didn’t hit their snooze alarms got out of our comfy beds and made our way up the lookout located in the hotel grounds to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas.  It was worth the lack of sleep!

After a hearty breakfast and Sean’s guitar solo it was time to move on.  We made the short trek to a small intersection where the group would split up.

 Pia and Onno were to make the hike down to the bottom of the Mountain.  I volunteered to hitch a ride and take everyones luggage down to base. And then there were 9.  Julia, Mitch, Romy, Sam, Sean, Simon, Tina, Paula and Kristina were left to prepare for their much quicker descent.  The brave souls took the plunge, along with their paragliding pilots, down to the shores of Phewa Lake.  Once touching down they had but a moment to catch their breath before they were due to be back on projects and surrounded by kids as excited as they had been in the days leading up to their jump.

 By Joanna Vowles