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Pony Rides at Ikhayalethemba

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

There was great excitement and some trepidation when a pony arrived at Ikhayalethemba.  Kindly, some members of the community brought along their pony and a small quad bike so that the children could have rides. Not all of the children were impressed by the arrival of a horse at first and a few retreated inside under the bed! 
However, after some encouragement and coaxing all the children were at least happy to pat the horse. Others of course were more than happy to have their turn riding both the horse and the quad bike. It was warm and sunny and this suited the fun mood of the day.  It wasn’t long before the children were finding grass and carrots to feed the horse.  It was lovely to see that some of the children who were quite afraid of horses late last year were now more than pleased to have a ride. The quad bike was quite a hit and there was little reluctance by anyone to have a turn.  It was a great day and a wonderful experience for the children.  We thank the members of the community for their kindness in providing such a fun time for the children.
Cheryl Martin- Ikhayalethemba coordinator