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By Cheryl Martin 4 years ago
Categories Jalova

Two years ago at Christmas, we purchased a playhouse for the children at Ikhayalethemba Sanctuary.  It was the result of some kind donations to the Charitable Trust. Since then, the children have certainly made the most of it.  One of the first things we did was use the house as a stable for the nativity play.  Since then, the house has been the centre of the children’s role playing.  It has been a church where the children have sung and played weddings, a kitchen where all sorts of concoctions have been created, a place where the children put their dolls to bed, a clinic, a shop, a great hiding place during hide and seek games and just a great place to hang out. There is hardly an hour in the day that there is not at least one child in the playhouse using their imagination.  One of our Arts volunteers worked with the children last year to paint the house.  It looked amazing and the children took great delight in helping with the renovation.  Just over a year later the paint was wearing thin so we’ve given it a revamp.  The children who were hardly old enough to play in the house independently when the house first was built are now the children helping out with repainting the house. The latest repaint is almost complete and the house will back in action soon.  Ready to be a base for the children’s never ending imagination. I’m sure there hasn’t been a single volunteer who has passed through who hasn’t had at least one fond memory of the children in their playhouse.