Playa del Carmen community projects!

By 5 years ago
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Hola from Mexico!! 
Very soon we will be receiving our first volunteers to our new Playa del Carmen community projects! We are very excited and looking forward to working with you!! 
These GVI new projects suppport Save the children toy libraries (ludotecas) which are free spaces where the children go to play in a safe environment but also learn about their rights, gender equality, how to avoid domestic violence and keep themselves safe, etc. It also supports the local Equine therapy center and integral attention local organisation that provide different therapies (horse  physical and music therapies) and education through a small school to children with different disabilities and in the major of cases whose parents can not afford private therapies. 

While preparing these new programs we got to know the organisations needs and challenges more. We are certain that the help our volunteers will provide will be huge as the work they do is amazing and they need a lot of hands. 

While waiting for the first volunteers to arrive the Playa del Carmen office staff has started volunteering in our free time as a way to give something back to the community where we live! 
They are always very grateful as they always need hands and at the same time we have lots of  fun!  
Keep following this blog as we will be publishing more news on these projects soon!