Our Pez Maya lifestyle inspires the artistic soul in our volunteers....

By James 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

So as I awake just before sunrise and venture outside to brush my teeth, also awakening is JUB JUB  the iguana, and his wife, who live underneath my hut, very peacefully and quietly I might add, they too are getting ready for the day ahead. I make a pot of strong coffee and go and sit on the beach not more than 50 yards from my hut to sit and watch as the moon and thousands upon thousands of stars give way to the sunrise on the horizon out at sea.

Just as the hermit crabs scuttle off to bed, throwing up sand along the beach as they bury themselves from the soon to be arriving heat of the sun and more importantly from the magnificent frigates and ospreys that are awakening and diving in the surf for their breakfast. As myself and the igunas watch from the beach waiting for the sun to warm us up for the day ahead….. not a bad way to start the day before I go diving.