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PE time at Olives….

By 5 years ago
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PE time at Olives….

I had a number of doubts about completing the sports coaching project, but after just a day all the doubts were gone. It is giving me the chance to work in local schools in the slums of Mombasa, teaching a range of sports to some really inspirational children. 

Volunteer James with Std 2 from Olives
The highlights so far have been playing flow the leader and parachute games with standard 1 and 2 at Olives school, as well as teaching athletics to the children in standards 4 and 5.
Std 3 from Olives playing with the parachute
 I am looking forward to introducing more new sports to the school and participating in the school sports day Olympics in the coming weeks.
Volunteers James and Alistair teaching Std 4 a new game
 I hope to gain a new outlook of life from the project and develop new skills through working with and learning from the children.
Game of following the leader with Std 1

James Dunn, Sports volunteer