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Parlez vous Francais? Julie does and she's been teaching it in Mkwiro

By 6 years ago
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It’s been now two weeks that I arrived in Mkwiro. I have  to confess that before coming , I did not have any expectations of what we’d be doing but I was really happy to see that we would start teaching quite fast with the help , assistance and training of staff members of course. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous for the first lesson I had to led but the anxiety went away two seconds after the lesson started. I felt really comfortable teaching and the children were actually participating much more than I expected. Of course we are never alone in the classroom if there is a problem other volunteers or staff members are always present and ready to help during the lesson.

Julie gets acquainted with Mkwiro’s students

Since the first lesson I led, I’ve been teaching everyday and participating in after school activities such is the earth club and the open library. Besides, I started a French Club after school, open to all children and teachers. The idea in itself came from the children who started asking us if we could speak French. Already at the beginning of the club, I was impressed by their motivation and eager to learn a foreign language. As a matter of fact, after only two lessons, they are all able to introduce themselves in French and have a small conversation.  I think it is almost impossible to describe the feeling that I got when I saw that I made them happy, that I was useful!

Finally, I should speak about the time that we spend with the kindergarten children. It is also very interesting and, since they do not speak English very well yet, it is an amazing opportunity to improve your Swahili!

Julie Barot de Brito
Community Intern