Pani Piasa Fundraiser

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Hi everyone,
We are holding a fundraiser on Wednesday the 29th of May to raise money for football boots for the Street kids and furniture and equipment to set up a women’s class in Pame village in conjunction with the Little Daffodils School.
Our volunteers in country are extremely excited about competing in this challenge and we hope you show them plenty of support.

We are hoping to raise £350 and here are the links to make a donation and sponsor one of the competitors:

Just Giving:
Global Giving:

Here is the challenge they will be competing in:

2-3 people per team

Each team will need to create/pick:

·        A team name

·        A team flag

·        A team mascot

·        A team colour

1.      You will pick a Himalayan Encounters (HE) staff member’s name out of a hat

2.      Set your mascot and flag up in the boat

3.      Wait for the starting signal and then get in your boat and race around Tel Barahi Temple Island

4.      Pick up your HE staff member and 3 cups of water (coloured)

5.      Paddle around the island again and then head back to shore

The winner will be decided on by a points system.

Back to shore:                                                           Most water:

1st– 3pts                                                                     1st– 3pts

2nd– 2pts                                                                   2nd– 2pts

3rd– 1pt                                                                      3rd– 1pt

Mascot intact and in your boat: 1pt

Flag intact and in your boat: 1pt

Draw breaker: Race to island and back.  First back to shore wins.

Thank you Will, Harry, Maya, May, Sanju, Billie, Natalia, Marion and Katie for taking part in this fundraiser!