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One to Ones

By 6 years ago
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I have been at Precious Vision Care Center for 7 weeks teaching Standard Two and doing lots of one to ones (8 students in total) daily with students in Standard Four and Five.

When I started my one to ones I gave them all basic alphabet and grammar exercises to see their capabilities of the English language.
I now work around the level they are at and encourage them to have fun learning through work works and word games. I also choose a books for each student which I think they will be able to read and go over that throughout the week until they can get a general understanding of what they are reading.
I find one to ones very rewarding as you can see students progression and know they are learning from the time you spend with them. It is also nice to spend time with them and get to know the children as individuals, their personalities and what they enjoy.

I would definitively encourage people to get involved with the one to one program whilst on the teaching project. It benefits the children that are struggling and they appreciate that you are helping them to achieve more.
Marisa October 2011