One to one at Nceduluntu

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town
It’s amazing what a bit of one to one time can do for children and at a busy nursery like Nceduluntu, one to one time isn’t always easy to achieve. However, we have managed to build a structure where  the preschool children have the opportunity to do a one to one activity almost every day. It’s amazing to see the progress.  Children who had very little experience even holding a pencil or crayon are starting to get the idea.  Their ability to follow a few simple instructions in English is improving  and they are becoming more confident to add a creative flair to their task. The children’s attention span when looking at a book has increased amazingly and the look of pride on children’s faces as they finish a painting activity is priceless.  This one on one time is also rewarding for the volunteers as they see the improvement in the children…it also helps then learn all the names a lot more quickly!

One to one time is also so important with the toddlers and babies.  As we talk and sing to these children, they respond to this stimulus and the amazing thing with children this age is that they show progress almost every day; learning to wave, lifting their head, responding to their name are all great developments.

We can’t underestimate the importance of simply spending time and interacting with the children and the volunteers and carers who work with the children at Nceduluntu all do a great job working together to help the children’s development.
Cheryl Martin
Project Manager