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Nyota Ing’arayo Mombasa School is now officially registered!

By 5 years ago
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 Nyota Ing’arayo Mombasa Schoolis now officially registered!
GVI have been working with Precious Vision Care Centre since 2009, initially the project was more of a care facility for children who were left on the streets without food, water or shelter during the day.  In 2010 GVI enabled the Care Centre to move to larger premises which allowed for the class sizes to grow and the inclusion of Kindergarten 1 to Standard 5.  Due to a large amount of interest in the project and previous volunteers donating to assist with the building of extra classes Precious Vision Care Centre had classes up to Standard 7 by 2012.
Head teacher Mr Mutunga and Committee Members Lilian and James
Towards the end of last year GVI along with the management of Precious Vision decided to re-register as a Primary School instead of a Care Centre.  The main motivation behind this decision was that once the oldest class reached Standard 8 and needed to sit their KCPE examinations, the school had to be registered in order them to be able to sit this exam in their school.
The registration process began in September 2012 and as more protocols were discovered and followed, GVI and the partners realised that a different name for the school was necessary in order to officially register as a educational establishment.A vote was held including student representations from the older classes and the teachers to decide upon a new name.  Nyota Ing’arayo Mombasa School was the unanimous winner, the registration wheels were set in motion…Ten months later, after filling in many forms and completing and sending all the necessary paperwork to Nairobi, the registration is complete and Nyota Ing’arayo Mombasa Schoolis now officially registered!

Party time at Nyota….


Nyota Ing’arayo Mombasa School had a party to celebrate and all the volunteers were invited… Speeches , dancing and of course no party is a party without Pilau!!!
No party is complete without PILAU……
 By Michele Comber – Project Manager