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Not exactly Notting Hill Carnival

By Am Gohmer 2 years ago

The festival was full of very impressive dancers

It wasn’t exactly Notting hill carnival, but there was such a vibrant and exciting atmosphere in the streets of Kochi filled with hundreds of people who were out celebrating the Onam festival. 

The whole of Kerala were celebrating Onam. We attended the parade that afternoon, a festival in honour of the Kings spirit returning for the day. What an amazing experience this was, I have never seen anything like it! Especially at one point where one of the dancers in a group was just burning his hair with a huge stick he’d lit on fire, which I found to be the most bizarre, this would never happen in London!

A pretty intimidating figure


The festival was full of so much life, music and drums banging away one after the another as different different groups came by, there were dances of all kind with the dancers dressed in bright coloured outfits and masks. 

For lunch we  were invited to a special Onam lunch at the local restaurant who normally provide us with our take away lunch during the week. Our special Onam lunch, pronounced as ‘Satiyah’ in Malayalam was a banana leaf used as a plate, which consisted of rice and several different curry dishes.

I think the minimum dishes are about seven, as this is tradition. The food was absolutely amazing, customary to eat with your hands which I personally can’t get the hang of.

Our very tasty lunch

Back to base after lunch and partaking in the Onam festivities, we spent the next hour making our own GVI flower carpet, made of flowers in the GVI logo. Flower carpets are made of beautiful flowers, colours and patterns this celebration generally outside homes, shops and churches. One we had seen outside a church took a day and  a half, but was so beautiful.

The GVI teams amazing flower carpet

 What a great way to celebrate this holiday!