New volunteers, new friends and new experiences!!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

It’s been a very busy first week but at the same time a bit slow, base is full of new volunteers. HSBS bank members have also arrived who are visiting just for this week, they’re here to enjoy some time off and help contribute around base. It’s too bad that the weather hasn’t been very cooperative and we haven’t been able to treat them to a good snorkel around the reef. They have been very helpful painting the huts and making signs for the Least Tern nesting season. We’re planning on placing signs and roping
off the area where the migratory Least Terns are planning on nesting. Yesterday we walked along the
beach watching them perform there aerial courtship displays to one another. After a few days of fancy
maneuvering the males will fly far out to sea and catch a fish to show off to their mate. The males will
take the fish in their mouth and shake it back and forth in front of the females, if she’s interested she’ll
join him in shaking heads. We’re waiting to figure out what area of the beach they’ll pick. We’ve made
the signs to warn people that these birds like to nest on the ground and to please respect their area
as they are an endangered species. It’s also been a bit slow for all the volunteers as diving has been
postponed most days because of weather conditions. We’ve tried a few days only being able get one wave out before realizing how impossible it would be to Anchor. With all our time off every ones getting plenty of time to get to know one another, study and pass all there fish and Coral tests. We’re all hoping for a bit of mercy next week from the wind so we can finally get into a diving groove.